New Comics for November 11, 2009 - Comic Book Revolution
BOOM COMICS THE ANCHOR #2 DC COMICS ACTION COMICS #883 BATMAN #693 BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 BATMAN/DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL #1 BOOSTER GOLD #26 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #42 JSA VS KOBRA #6 R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 RED ROBIN #6 DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMNENT BLACK TERROR #5 IMAGE COMICS JERSEY GODS #9 MARVEL COMICS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #611 DAREDEVIL #502 DARK X-MEN #1 REALM OF KINGS IMPERIAL GUARD #1 STRANGE #1 VENGEANCE OF MOON KNIGHT #3 The stack of comics this week contains more DC books than any other company. The big news of the week was DC has the top 6 spots on Diamond’s top ten for October. Let’s see what they are presenting this week for our reading pleasure. Phil Hester and Brian Churilla’s fantasy series continues this week. Heaven’s enforcer hunts for demon blood and the secret of his origins. Both of the DC books I am most looking forward to reading this week involve Batman. First is the conclusion of Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin #6 “Revenge of the Red Hood”. In this episode, Red Hood reveals his identity to Batman. All signs are pointing to Jason Todd as the Hood but I want to see if Morrison pulls a surprise on us. [...]