New Comic Books for September 10, 2009 - Comic Book Revolution
DC COMICS ADVENTURE COMICS #2 BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN #2 BOOSTER GOLD #24 DOOM PATROL #2 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #40 RED ROBIN #4 SHIELD #1 SUPERMAN WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #7 UNWRITTEN #5 WEDNESDAY COMICS #10 MARVEL COMICS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #604 INCREDIBLE HERCULES #134 KICK ASS #7 MARVELS PROJECT #2 ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS #2 WAR OF KINGS WHO WILL RULE ONE-SHOT We have a healthy total of 16 titles headed to the Bunker today. This week is DC heavy. There are certainly some gems in this selection of comic books for today. I am itching to read some new comics. I hate it when the shipping of new comics is delayed. Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? I am excited to read Blackest Night: Batman #2. The debut issue of this was excellent. Tomasi has such a wonderful feel for Dick’s character and it was nice to see Tomasi writing Dick once again. It should be interesting seeing Dick and Tim have to lock horns with their dead parents. I expect plenty of drama and quality action with this issue. Booster Gold #24 should be another fun read. Jurgens continues to build momentum on [...]