New Comic Books For May 28, 2009 - Comic Book Revolution
DC COMICS GREEN LANTERN #41 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #27 LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #1 SUPERMAN #688 TRINITY #52 IMAGE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN #16 MARVEL COMICS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #595 AVENGERS INVADERS #11 GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #14 INCREDIBLE HERCULES #129 MOON KNIGHT #30 NEW AVENGERS #53 NOVA #25 WOLVERINE #72 X-MEN LEGACY #224 This is a standard sized week for The Revolution. We are getting 15 titles headed to the Bunker today. Once again, we are getting a fairly small and collection of comics from DC this week. Marvel is cranking out plenty of titles this week and several of them should be fantastic reads. Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? I am intrigued by Last Days of Animal Man #1. This title is being written by comic book legend Gerry Conway. I love Animal Man, but I really only seem to be impressed with his character when Morrison is writing him. Hopefully, Conway can do a good job with Buddy. However, Green Lantern #41 is the DC comic I am most looking forward to reading. I am anxiously awaiting Blackest Night and I have been enjoying this Agent Orange prelude. I am sure that Johns [...]