New Comic Books For February 25, 2009 - Comic Book Revolution
DC COMICS GREEN LANTERN #38 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #24 SUPERMAN #685 TRINITY #39 IMAGE COMICS ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN #13 DYNAMO 5 #20 ELEPHANTMEN #16 MARVEL COMICS AVENGERS INITIATIVE #22 CAPTAIN AMERICA #47 FANTASTIC FOUR #564 INCREDIBLE HERCULES #126 MARVELS EYE OF CAMERA #4 MIGHTY AVENGERS #22 NEW AVENGERS #50 NOVA #22 THUNDERBOLTS #129 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #131 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #12 WOLVERINE ORIGINS #33 Before we get to the comic books for this week, I would like to thank Dave over at Funny Book Fanatic for naming me his fanatic blog of the week. I appreciate the love, Dave! We have a total of 19 comic books headed to the bunker today. This is a huge week. I am continuing in my effort to mix in more comic books outside of the worlds of Marvel and DC. This week is decidedly Marvel heavy. Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? Superman #685 should be an interesting read. This issue will mark Superman’s departure from his own title. I am curious to see if Johns and Robinson can pull off this new direction for both Action Comics and Superman. However, the DC comic book that I am most [...]