New Comic Books For December 4, 2008 - Comic Book Revolution
DC COMICS BATMAN #682 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #21 TERROR TITANS #3 TRINITY #27 MARVEL COMICS AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #579 ETERNALS #6 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #20 IRON MAN HULK FURY ONE SHOT MOON KNIGHT SILENT KNIGHT #1 NEW AVENGERS #47 NEW EXILES #15 SECRET INVASION #8 X-INFERNUS #1 All right, last week was crazy with Thanksgiving and travelling home to Miami to see my family for the week. Add to that the time I spent bringing the new Comic Book Revolution Forums online and I only cranked out two reviews. Oh well, hopefully normalcy returns with this week now that I am back home and back at work (Ha!). We are getting a nice sized shipment of comic books headed to the Bunker today. We are getting a total of 13 titles. For the first time in a couple of weeks, my shipment of comic books is decidedly Marvel heavy. Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading? I am looking forward to Morrison’s retrospective in Batman #682. This issue will be told from Alfred’s point of view. Evidently, this issue and the next one will bridge the gap between the end of RIP and Final Crisis. However, [...]