Legion of Super Heroes Chronology - Comic Book Revolution
Longtime followers of The Revolution know that the Legion of Super-Heroes is easily my favorite comic book franchise from any publisher. Of course, it has been a long time since DC has published a Legion of Super-Heroes title. Since 2013. However, DC has been teasing Legionnaires all over the DCU as of late. We have seen Saturn Girl in DC Universe – Rebirth and then again in Doomsday Clock. We have seen Tellus in the background of Justice League #10. And we have seen Sun Boy in the background of The Green Lantern #4. It is only a matter of time before DC pulls the trigger and re-introduces the Legion of Super-Heroes. The most logical time for that to occur would be after the conclusion of Doomsday Clock. So, in advance of an evidently impending return of the Legion of Super-Heroes, I thought it would be a good time to try and educate readers who are unfamiliar with the franchise. I may adore the Legion, but I have to admit that the Legion of Super-Heroes continuity is highly complicated and messy. In fact, the Legion’s continuity will be one of the biggest barriers to newer readers wanting to jump onto [...]