The Legion of Super Heroes Animates Series: Episode #4: "Phantoms" - Comic Book Revolution
Well, it looks like we are finally getting a new episode of the Legion of Super Heroes. The CW pulled the unconventional move of airing the first three episodes of this new series and then following it with repeats of the same first three episodes. You would think we could get a little further into this season before the CW started serving up repeats to viewers. At any rate, it is time liveblog this new episode of the Legion of Super Heroes. The episode starts with Clark visiting the Superman museum. Brainiac 5 is watching Clark at the museum. Saturn Girl comments that Clark has been spending a lot of time at the museum. Brainiac 5 comments that any facts about Superman’s origin were lost. That the museum just has myths and legends about Superman. The museum closes, but before Clark leaves he spots a strange device. Clark picks it up and activates it. The device creates a portal to the Phantom Zone. Out of the portal come a super powered teenager and two monsters. The villain is named Drax. He says he is Superman’s worst nightmare. Drax demands to know where Superman is. Drax takes out Clark and then [...]