Legen...wait for it...dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 12/16/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Cover of the Week: Green Lantern Corps #43 I always like it when a cover actually gives you a slight preview of what to expect from the issue and this cover for Green Lantern Corps #43 tells you all you need to know about what happens in the issue. Simple but powerful. Amazing Spider-Man #615 Highlights I always enjoy scenes between JJJ and Robbie when they start talking about the past and serious current topics. There is just a different air about their conversations that you know it is something important between these two long time friends. Hey even Spider-Man needs to wear some winter clothes. And how can you not smile at the winter Spider-Man costume. Javier Pulido artwork was great in this issue as these two pages show he has a very good Steve Ditko and Marcos Martin style in his art while still adding his own style to the artwork. Batman #694 Highlights It was good to see that Dick is actually trying to teach Damian something other than fighting and playing nice with others. It actually feels more like a Batman and Robin relationship as Dick is having Damian in the cave doing some detective work. [...]