Legen...wait for it....dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week for 11/25/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Cover of the Week: Green Lantern #48 (Alternate Cover) DC has had the habit when it comes to Green Lantern covers to releasing the alternate covers of this title along with the solicits to each issue and using a different cover for the regular cover. And it is to bad we didn’t get this as the regular cover as this is just a beautiful cover showing off Saint Walker the rich world the Blue Lanterns are located. Just an awesome cover. Amazing Spider-Man #613 Highlights I guessing Michelle is not a morning person. I have the power! Blackest Night #5 Highlights Dragonzord, Tyrannosarus, Saber-Toothed Tiger,……Woops wrong costumes. I like how while all the leaders of the Lantern Corps recite their respective oaths Larfleeze is in the back wondering what is going on. Mmmmmmm…Tasty dessert. Let seee we got the Superman family, Flash Family, Wonder Woman family, Titans, and JLA but no one from the Batfamily. What up with that? Hal and everyone are trying to give Scar a color change as black just isn’t her color. Doesn’t black cancel out every other color? Plus mixing all of these colors together will just make black anyways so would this actually work? [...]