Legen-wait for it-dary Comic Book Highlight for 4/8/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Cover of the Week: Daredevil Noir #1 Even though we’ve seen this cover many times over, especially in Daredevil comics, I like the whole black with a little bit of red to the Daredevil Noir version. And the rain affect on the cover is pretty cool. Battle for the Cowl #2 Highlights I present to you Jason “The Mass Murder and Child Shooter” Todd. At this point all that potential growth Jason had coming off his return in Under the Hood has been completely wasted as DC has decided that he should be their version of Punisher. Talk about identity theft. Jane Doe is certainly one chick you do not want to mess with. Though Gotham City burning is nothing new still Daniel kicks ass in this scene though I would have preferred if it was Two-Face or Penguin behind Gotham burning not Black Mask. The beast, or in this case the bat, has been awaken as Dick is finally ready to take his rightful place in the Batfamily as the heir to Bruce’s mantle and kick Jason Todd’s ass. I still don’t understand why Jason just had a crowbar just laying around in his “batcave.” Oh wait, that is [...]