Legen-wait for it-dary Comic Book Highlight for 1/2/09 - Comic Book Revolution
As you might have noticed I did not post a review for the two books biggest books that came out last week (at least for me), Green Lantern #36 and Wolverine #70. The reason that didn’t post a review for either book is that my LCS did not ge there shipment of those two books last week. I didn’t want to post the highlights for last weeks books without having read those two big books so that is why the highlights for last week were delayed a bit. Also since this was a small week I am going to post reviews for both Green Lantern and Wolverine later in the week. In any case these are some of the highlights from last weeks books: Cover of the Week: Wolverine #70 While we had some great covers this past week I am always a big fan of covers that actually give the reader some insight in what is inside the book. That is the case for the fantastic cover of Wolverine #70 by Steve McNiven. The fight scenes was brutal with a great reveal that can be seen later. Avengers/Invaders #7 Highlights I was not expecting to see Ultron appear in [...]