Legen-wait-for it-dary Comic Book Highlights of the Week 5/21/09 - Comic Book Revolution
While I was able to review Battle for the Cowl #3, Bleach, and Code Geass here at the Legacy and post reviews for the Comic Book Cartoons and Superman/Batman #60 over at the Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution I wasn’t able to find time the past few days to post reviews here for the other comics I got this past week. I’ve been busy working on this redevelopment project the past few days so I haven’t found the time to do much blogging after Memorial Day. Still I thought I would post the weekly comic book highlights of the week though I should be able to post reviews next week and I’m thinking of reviewing the first part of “American Son” from Amazing Spider-Man. Also before going into the highlights for the week I thought I share a cool thing I saw yesterday while driving home: Optimus Prime on the Luxor Casino.I was a bit surprising seeing Optimus their promoting the upcoming movie as it was the first time I saw it and I just wondering how long its been up their for. Anyways here are the comic book highlights for this week: Cover of the Week: Superman/Batman #60 I really [...]