Legacy Shorts: Comic Book Reviews for 3/18/09 - Comic Book Revolution
Amazing Spider-Man #588 Creative TeamWriter: Marc GuggenheimArtist: John Romita Jr.Inker: Klaus Janson and Tom PalmerColorist: Dean White Story – Character Assassination: Conclusion ReviewWith the conclusion of “Character Assassination” Gruggenheim resolves all the storylines that have been running through Amazing Spider-Man since the start of Brand New Day, except for the one involving Mr. Negative. And whatever readers have thought of this new direction for Spider-Man I will say that even though the first 6-8 months weren’t that great the past few months of ASM stories have actually been pretty good. Though “Character Assassination” has had it’s good and bad issues Gruggenheim did a nice job closing out this story arc and I will be interested to see were Vin, Carlie, and the Mayor race goes from here. Spider-Man is always at his best when is backed into a corner and just as he escapes he is trapped in another corner with no way out. From fighting his way through a prison full of people that would love nothing more to be able to kill him to fighting off Menace from killing all the citizens all the while with only one good arm shows how great of a hero Peter is [...]