Justice League #10 Review - Comic Book Revolution
The Revolution has not been shy about our love for Scott Snyder’s Justice League. This title is the single best title that DC is presently publishing. Now, I was a bit disappointed that we received back-to-back issues that felt like the story was put on pause. Both Justice League #8 and Justice League #9 were fun reads, but there was little in plot progression. Having said that, I fully expect Snyder to crank thinks back up with Justice League #10. This issue will be kicking off the Drowned Earth mini-event that will run through Justice League, Aquaman, Titans and Aquaman/Justice League over the course of October and November. I love Aquaman and greatly appreciate that Snyder is going to be giving Arthur some time in the spotlight. Aquaman is such a great character and I do believe that Snyder can continue Arthur’s rehabilitation from a punchline to a heavy hitter who is one of the core members of the DCU. So, I have high hopes for this issue! Let’s hit this review for Justice League #10! Words: Scott Snyder Art: Francis Manapul Colors: Francis Manapul Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10 Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of [...]