Heroes in Crisis #6 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Heroes in Crisis has been a complete failure as a big event. The story has been stunningly shallow. There has been next to zero plot progression with each issue. The slow pacing has made this story feel stuck in neutral and made it quite a boring “big event.” The lack of content and emptiness with each issue has made this an unsatisfying read. Heroes in Crisis #6 is now well past the midway point of this nine issue mini-series. Tom King only has four issues left to actually deliver something resembling real content and plot progression. King absolutely must kick this story into high gear and deliver a tightly plotted issue that moves with a purpose and delivers plenty of new substantial content. Otherwise, this “big event” is going to continue to be stuck in a dull malaise. Time is running out. Let’s hope King is able to resurrect this corpse of a “big event” and deliver an exciting ending to this story. Let’s do this review for Heroes in Crisis #6. Words: Tom King Art: Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads Colors: Mitch Gerads and Tomeu Morey Story Rating: 2 Night Girls out of 10 Art Rating: 7 Night Girls [...]