Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Creative TeamWriters: Dan Abnett and Andy LanningArtists: Brad Walker and Carlos MagnoInkers: Wil Quintara and Bruno Hang Story – Prison Break ReviewGuardians of the Galaxy #9 was another great read. From the beginning this title has been one of the best Marvel titles on the market. DnA have done an impressive job over the past 4 years in resurrecting Marvel’s cosmic characters. Up until Annihilation I wasn’t very familiar with the cosmic characters outside of Nova. But now all of the cosmic characters have become some of my favorite Marvel characters. Not counting “Sinestro Corp Wars” I would say that the work DnA have done with Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy matches what Geoff Johns is doing on Green Lantern month in, month out. My favorite part of this series is how DnA have been able to make Star-Lord into the take no crap type character. This issue was filled with great Star-Lord moments. Seeing Star-Lord being able to hold his own against all the various villains in the 42 prison was awesome. DnA have made Star-Lord into the cosmic version of Captain America. And now that the Guardians will be joining Star-Lord in his fight against Blasteer the [...]