Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Review - Comic Book Revolution
Creative TeamWriter: Dan Abnett and Andy LanningArtist: Brad WalkerInkers: Victor Olazaba and LivesayColorist: Will Quintana Story – Blastaared! ReviewWith War of Kings starting next month most, if not all, of the various players have already been set. One of the players/kings for the war that seemed to be one of the biggest wild cards is Blastaar. Sure Blastaar is just as powerful as the other Kings in the war and could cause some serious damage. But the biggest thing Blastaar would brought to the table is that if or when he becomes involve it would mean that some of the major Marvel heroes would also become involve (the most obvious being the Fantastic Four). For Blastaar his only means of escape from the Negative Zone is to use the portal in prison 42 that goes straight into the Baxter Building. But since War of Kings is an event that will only involve all of the cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe, at least from what DnA and the solicits tell us, it wouldn’t make sense that the Earth heroes would be involved since they are all involved in Dark Reign. The only Earth heroes I can see actually participating in [...]