Double Shot Anime Reviews: Bleach 118 & 119 - Comic Book Revolution
Ep. 118 – “Ikkaku’s Bankai! The Power That Breaks Everything” ReviewSee now this is what I am talking about. This is the kind of episode I have come to expect from Bleach. Not only did we get some kick butt action but we also got some good information about the Arrancars. Even though we had some good action scenes during “The Bount” arc they were never at the same level as what we got in “The Soul Society” arc. The Ikkaku vs Edorad was just great to watch. Just like in his fight with Ichigo Ikkaku’s unconventional fighting style makes for some great fighting and this fight was no different. It was awesome to see Ikkaku’s bankai animated. This was one of the things that I did not expect to see when I first read it in the manga. It was unexpected but totally fitting that Ikkaku would have a bankai as he has been around and trained others for a while now. Once he released his bankai the fight went from being great to one of the top fights we’ve gotten in Bleach. I really dug Ikkaku’s bankai as just like his zanpakuto it is a three section axe-like [...]