Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 34 - Comic Book Revolution
Steven and Rokk are back and tackle more comic books from DC and Marvel. The boys review the following titles: Old Man Hawkeye #10 at the 3 minute and 15 second mark Tony Stark – Iron Man #5 at the 16 minute and 2 second mark Extermination #4 at the 38 minute and 2 second mark Heroes in Crisis #2 at the 58 minute and 30 second mark Justice League – Aquaman – Drowned Earth #1 at the 1 hour and 33 minute and 43 second mark Justice League Dark – Wonder Woman – The Curse of the Witchmark #1 at the 1 hour and 48 minute mark You can check out our podcast page here or you can download the podcast here. Or you can head on over to our iTunes podcast page and subscribe.