Comic Book Review: Supergod - Comic Book Revolution
Creative Team Writer:Warren Ellis Art:Garrie Gastonny Colors:Digikore Studios Covers:Felipe Massafera The Concept: Super-hero nostalgia is publicly executed and buried for the purposes of enriching the Jungian soil. The Plot: Various would-be-J. Robert Oppenheimers around the world create superhumanity for the purposes of tactical arms advantages and we, the readers, observe the ensuing car wreck. In Detail: The story opens shortly after the earth has been burned down to its skeleton. A British scientist, responsible for the U.K.’s foray into superhumanity, sits on some steps near the Old Bailey and dictates the step-wise end of the world to a counterpart in the U.S. While he drinks alcohol of an appropriately high proof, the story shifts between the various versions of superhumanity created by the different nations of the world. The story is a slowed-down and dissected car-wreck of how humanity created beings whose perception of the universe was so vastly different from ours that they could not care for us. Does it Work? Warren Ellis is the master of short-form science fiction in the modern era. The mechanisms of the style are very specific. You establish a concept in the form of a question and then design a plot to explore [...]