Comic Book Review: Ghost Rider #9 - Comic Book Revolution
The Revolution has been depressed over how Daniel Way has ruined the return of one of our favorite characters: Ghost Rider. It is practically mind numbing the lack of anything that would be confused with a plot or a purpose to the story on this title. I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a comic book that did less in the first eight issues than this title. The only saving grace is that Texeira and Saltares are back handling the art duties on this title. I am quite positive that Ghost Rider #9 will feature at least one trademark Daniel Way “shocking” scene and fail to further a single plotline or create a single interesting plotline. Let’s go ahead and hit this review. Creative TeamWriter: Daniel WayArtists: Javier Saltares & Mark Texeira Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10Story Rating: 1 Night Girls out of 10Overall Rating: 4.5 Night Girls out of 10 Synopsis: We begin with two boys out at night breaking curfew and having fun. Suddenly, Jack O’ Lantern’s fiery pumpkin head comes flying up to them. The boys jump off a bridge and into the water to escape the pumpkin head. We see a [...]