Comic Book Review: Ghost Rider #2 - Comic Book Revolution
I have to first admit that I am having one hell of a time trying to wake up this morning. I have a huge post of Café Bustelo brewing and hopefully after a couple of mugs I will be ready to crank out a half-way descent review of Ghost Rider #2. The Revolution has always liked Ghost Rider. And Texiera is by far my favorite Ghost Rider artist. As any regular followers of the Revolution know by know, I have never been impressed with Daniel Way’s writing skills. Unfortunately for me, Marvel turned over the writing duties on Ghost Rider to Way. I am trying to keep an open mind, however, I haven’t warmed up to Way’s writing after issue #1. Will Way be able to change my mind with his story in Ghost Rider #2? Maybe. What I do know, is that since this is a Daniel Way comic book, that we are guaranteed at least one “shocking” scene as well as some “tough talking” dialogue from at least one character I have my first mug of Café Bustelo ready, black with two sugars, so let’s hit the review. Creative TeamWriter: Daniel WayBreakdowns: Javier SalvataresFinishes: Mark Texeira Art Rating: [...]