Daredevil #500 Review - Comic Book Revolution
I have been really looking forward to Daredevil #500. Brubaker has been doing a fantastic job so far with “The Return of the King” story arc. I have no idea how this story arc is going to end, though I am sure Brubaker has something great in store to cap off his run on Daredevil before Andy Diggle steps in to take the reins. Let’s see if Brubaker and Lark can deliver with Daredevil #500. Creative TeamWriter: Ed BrubakerArtist: Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudiano, Klaus Janson, Chris Samnee, and Paul AzacetaColorist: Matt Hollingsworth Story Rating: 10 Night Girls out of 10Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10Overall Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10 Synopsis: The issue begins hundreds of years in the past in a Japanese temple were Izo tells Naguchi that he blinded himself because he could not accept how The Hand does not have honor anymore. Izo continues to say that their leader would be able to find enough sake to wipe from his mind what The Hand has become if he were still alive. Naguchi asks Izo if he blinded himself to be like their former leader. Izo says he is nothing like their former leader [...]