Comic Book Review: Captain Marvel #1 - Comic Book Revolution
Captain Marvel #1 is a comic book that I have been long forward to for a long time. As a kid I was a huge Captain Marvel fan. And I’m talking about the real Captain Marvel: Mar-Vell. The stud Kree warrior created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. However, it was Jim Starlin who got me to fall in love with Captain Marvel when I was a little kid. Starlin’s Captain Marvel was an incredible Sci Fi title. I remember buying all the back issues I could of Starlin’s Captain Marvel. So, obviously, I’m happy that we are getting to see Mar-Vell back in action once again. The only other version of Captain Marvel that I have enjoyed was Peter David’s Captain Marvel centering on Genis-Vell. All the rest have been pale imitations of the man, Mar-Vell. And even Genis-Vell failed to live up to the high standards set by Mar-Vell. Even though this is only a temporary return by Mar-Vell, which completely sucks, I’m still going to enjoy the precious little time I get once again with the original Captain Marvel. Let’s go ahead and hit the review for Captain Marvel #1. Creative TeamWriter: Brian ReedPencils: Lee WeeksInks: Stefano [...]