Cartoon Reviews 8/1/09 - Comic Book Revolution
So here’s how it’s going, I’ll handle Wolverine and the X-men, Kevin is handling Spectacular Spider-man (that is until I find out where he lives so every Monday night I can knock him out to review it for him) and we’ll switch off on Batman the Brave and the Bold (though I’ll still try and get in a Spectacular episode review even if it kills me) Spectacular Spider-man Episode 20: Identity Crisis Now with that out of the way it’s exciting to see the second half of this epic 2 part storyline featuring the return of my favorite villain, Venom. And wow was he great here, no side-character crap for him this week. Though since I enjoyed this episode so much let’s just get the bad over with so we can move onto the good right away. This issue had one too many moments to juggle, and by the time I was sure the episode was over we got another scene that honestly felt like it should have taken place at the beginning of the episode instead. Still it was nice that we get a strong hint that Captain Stacey knows Peter is Spider-man. I also don’t really care about [...]