Cartoon Review: Wolverine and the X-Men 6 - Comic Book Revolution
“X-Calibre” ReviewAt the start of this episode it seemed that we were in store for another “getting the band back together” type episode with Wolverine going to get Nightcrawler. Though there was elements of that this episode mainly focused on Nightcrawler and part of his origin as well as him fighting off to help out some mutants from being captured by Mojo’s Reavers. And this episode was better for it. While the “getting the band back together” episodes we have gotten so far haven’t been horrible it is a formula that gets old fast. And I am glad the writers had the whole episode focus on Nightcrawler since he is one of my favorite X-Men and has been vastly underused for the past few years. The animators really seem to have a lot of fun using Nightcrawler’s teleportation powers as we seem him able to take on all the Reaver’s by himself. It seems that they were inspired a little by the X-2 opening scene with Nightcrawler and it was cool seeing him use a sword during his dual against Spiral. And from the looks of it we are not done with Mojo since this was probably just an introduction [...]