Avengers #1 Review - Comic Book Revolution
The Avengers franchise is Marvel’s premier super team. This is Marvel answer to DC’s Justice League. Or at least it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, the dumpster fire that is known as the All-New All-Different initiative, has lead to the Avengers falling onto hard time. This once proud flagship title has been reduced to a shadow of its former self due to the All-New All-Different initiative. Well, Marvel is now scrambling like DC did after the New 52 failed in spectacular fashion. Marvel is trying to mimic DC’s massive success with Rebirth. And one way to do that is to bring back the real Avengers. And you cannot have a proper Avengers squad without the Big Three: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Thor. Jason Aaron is taking over the Avengers and is bringing Ed McGuinness with him. This is a strong creative team. Aaron is a solid writer. Aaron usually does more good than bad when he gets his hands on a title. McGuinness? He is pure gold when it comes to mainstream super hero artwork. I fully expect Aaron and McGuinness to reverse the tide for the Avengers and return this premier team back to its former glory. Let’s [...]