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Dear Loyal Subscribers, Fans, Followers, Friends, and Readers! How has everyone been this year? I can only imagine it has been a very difficult year for everyone who has remained as a holder in the Crypto markets since the losses have been very heavy this year. That said, Me and my teams are forging ahead in new ways to bring our loyal readers and investors two projects that are earmarked for strong success in 2019. WHAT IS TEEN COIN? The best way to learn about the group is to join the Telegram chat so you can stay involved with the project and participate in all the exciting games and contest. The Teen Coin project was started due to delays in development of the NETP Project, which was set to be listed on the HTML Bunker in July. Because of the downtime from the News Token Pool development, it was essential that the Development teams keep busy, and as a result the project was born. Initially developed to educate youth, and new users to cryptocurrency, the Teen Coin has spread rapidly across new sectors, countries, and has achieved many successes including a 3-year membership with the game, as well as a stock exchange listing on Teen Coin will continue to expand and grow into new sectors, and currently has a focus on development into the College and University environments through the hiring and training of ambassadors to create crypto trading clubs at Universities. Please join our telegram group and stay up to date: NETP (News Token Pool) The NEWS Token Pool is the sister project of Teen Coin, and is the culmination of 4 years of hard work, with shareholders being able to trade the NETP Token on the HTML Bunker later this month, or early next year. The delays have been a heartfelt hit to everyone, especially the shareholders, but we do have good news and a strong roadmap for 2019. Once we are on the exchange we will announce our roadmap, and also introduce new partners, since to date, we have been delayed with the buying, selling, and trading aspects that will come with the listing on the Bunker. We encourage any or our readers, shareholders, and partners to also take an interest in the myteencoin project at this early stage by buying some coins on Bleutrade, while the price is still very cheap. We look forward to growing our projects into 2019 and beyond as we establish ourselves in new sectors around the world by briding the news elements of NETP and the mass adoption elements of TEEN to bring great success to both projects.