Visual Studio 2015 after 2 Weeks – a bad Release | codingfreaks
My team is one of those teams which are called "early adopter" when it comes to developing technologies. Same is true for Visual Studio and the complete infrastructure of course. The latest release is one of the most ugliest I experienced in this area and I'll share my experiences with you here. Be warned! Why English? This goes to my regular readers. I decided to write this post in English because I want to reach as much people as possible. Looking at my site analytics the sad truth is that writing in German does not count anymore. That's why I'm starting to write posts in English too. Sorry to all Germans. Preface Before I start: readers of my blog should already know, that I'm a huge fan of Microsoft products and ideas and I like their way generally. I say this to avoid misinterpretations. This is meant as a constructive critic and to help others not to fall into the traps. All startet 2 weeks ago when I completely cleaned up my first PC and installed Windows 10 including VS 2015