WHAT WE SEE FEELS LIKE THE THING ITSELF by Micah Danges • Cleaver Magazine
WHAT WE SEE FEELS LIKE THE THING ITSELF Photographs by Micah Danges [ click any image to enlarge ] My drive to take photographs is rooted in the unpredictability of such a seemingly predictable process. I use the precision of the camera in conjunction with the limitations of its mechanics to generate a series of inspiring problems that I can solve. I know that the assumptions that I make while shooting the photograph, about how life will translate onto film, will be proven wrong after it is developed and printed. This shift compels me to slow down, study the printed image and isolate key moments of transformation. From there, I consider the surface of the print and build a material relationship with the image that celebrates its singularity. I want to continue to explore the photograph as a flexible medium that has the ability to be both image and … chop! chop! read more!