THE INSIDES by Brooke Schifano • Cleaver Magazine
THE INSIDES by Brooke Schifano In the train, you listen to a story about a shaman, feet braced against the wall in the part where you stand on the circle cut into the floor. If this were a human arm you’d be standing atop an elbow, encased in fluid and surrounded by the mess of nerves and vessels pushed up next to you, as close as the satchel of the stranger standing in the middle. The shaman performs psychic surgery—jams a steel rod up the nostril of the woman and moves his arm, back and forth, around the cavity behind her brain and the satchel man catches the grimace on your face as you imagine a spatula scraping spaghetti sauce out of unfinished ceramic and want to vomit, or grab his hand and tell him what you’ve heard. In the ocean, you were afraid of the otters. Your foot would … chop! chop! read more!