THE ELEPHANT by Erika Price • Cleaver Magazine
THE ELEPHANT by Erika Price He got the news in the usual way: via Twitter. At 5:00 am when he’d already given up the prospect of sleeping (the thrum of his across-the-hall neighbor’s Skrillex ebbing into the rattle of the broken refrigerator), his phone silently lit up, providing an oasis of attention. @scoliosis: Sounds like @brafshu is at Middleheartst in a coma #sad He sat up, pulled the iPad out from under the spare pillow, and cast its light on his face. He pulled up Facebook. The first post, at 4:26 am from a former high-school peer, Misty Siler. Soooo sad to hear about @BraffleyShumaker. Our prayers are in your heart! At first he pulled the iPad away and stared into the kitchen. He remembered the tin of white chocolate cocoa his mother had mailed in a recent care package. He asked himself, just how could a prayer be in … chop! chop! read more!