THE BIRTH OF NO by Patricia Colleen Murphy • Cleaver Magazine
THE BIRTH OF NO by Patricia Colleen Murphy I remember everything but in an order I cannot control. It was suicide season. I was 14 and I couldn’t believe my mother’s thrift, like she had missed a few zeros. It was in a room where everyone was known for something. The doctor was wearing a goddamn double-breasted suit. Later, I walked far away while pondering What do I have to do to live to 15? I passed that neighbor who was always doing something ugly with his land. He asked me a question and when I quoted Proust he asked, Who is that? A family friend? Now the neighbor’s fighting the hose. I keep counting his trucks, thinking I am missing one. What if, for today, I touch everyone I see? I’m not afraid to hit someone if they need it. Patricia Colleen Murphy teaches at Arizona State … chop! chop! read more!