ORIGINATING WORLDS by Robert Lietz • Cleaver Magazine
Forty millennia, and more, originating worlds, occasioning wines, wedges, plunder, and ( let’s guess, ) recovered and glassed, eyes around taking in the cases, the cases seem too much, the notes a reader takes, setting down the catalog, seeing the slivers, flakes, flecks of stone, imagining the sounds of stone already used to the inventing, crying through the tools its need for preservation, through the same rude calendars, imagine it, earlier, ahead, as the snow begins another election cycle, and a second round of it the wizard had not called for, that delights to start, as an obscenity might, before you notice where it’s going. But how, the first time at the Diner, could we know, or say which desserts would bring us back because they’d mattered, which day-old paragraph or stanza might inspire, snow