MIXED MEDIUM ART by Stuti Pachisia • Cleaver Magazine
MIXED MEDIUM ART by Stuti Pachisia Scenery 1: The sky is a permanent state of dawn, or dusk, if you will, and I have been having a hard time breathing. This, the inability to breathe, I mean, began long before the sky turned grey. Some are calling this a cataclysm. I use the sky too much in poems, just like I use Benadryl too much in real life. My poems reflect the sky the way my dreams reflect Benadryl. It was only a matter of time before it turned the other way round. Scenery 2: There is a tree spread out like a canopy, beneath which is a stone bench. In the rain, you can sit here without getting wet. I mean, if the storm is external. In case of internal storms, get wet. From my canopied stone bench, I can see the window to my college room last year … chop! chop! read more!