Issue 24 • Cleaver Magazine
Fresh-Cut Lit & More Issue No. 24 • WINTER 2018-19 ART Inspired to See Paintings by Giovanni Casadei VISUAL NARRATIVE Emily Steinberg, Drawing a Blank POETRY † D.R. Shipp, With Each Passing Day, The More † Erik Fuhrer, Stonehenge Leia Darwish, Liberty/Liberty Michelle Matthees, Cyanotype † Christopher Blackman, Pax Romana James Grinwis, Three Poems Kathleen Hellen, the juvenile connection Gabriel Welsch, The Grave Your Ambition Digs for Itself † Heather Holmes, Terms and Conditions † Peter Leight, The Tower in Our City FLASH Valerie Fox, Two Flash Pieces † Isabel Theodore, Human Hydroponics Francine Witte, Two Flash Pieces Nicole Baute, Barcelona on a Saturday Leslie Pietrzyk, Icebergs Yaki Margulies, Talent and Luck Hannah Harlow, Pencil Me In SHORT STORIES † Naomi Xu Elegant, Dinner Anna Dorn, Leo Rising Doug Ramspeck, Half-Life Dawn Davies, Angels in the Architecture CREATIVE NONFICTION † David Marchino, Origin Story † Megan Lunny, A Brief Guide to Dissecting the Fingernails of a Quiet Girl Vivé Griffith, When My Memories Became His Memories Leslie Lindsay, Children, … chop! chop! read more!