Issue 23 • Cleaver Magazine
Fresh-Cut Lit & More Issue No. 23 • FALL 2018 ART Denise Gallagher, Mindscapes Photographs VISUAL NARRATIVE Emily Steinberg, No Collusion! POETRY Darren C. Demaree, Three Poems † Patricia Hartland, where we come from Joseph Harms, Plurisy Cynthia Atkins, Automatan Aubade Alexis Petri, Perpetual Wonderment Jen Rouse, Remedy Kimberly Grabowski Strayer,The Rest Khaleel Gheba, Giant Possum Draws Crowd in Nicetown Thomas Osatchoff, In Need of a Shower Judson Evans, Video Altarpiece (3) Joey Belonger, The Femminiello † Maya Owen,Carte Blanche James McKee, November, the Realist Caroline J. Davidson, Question of Current Atmosphere Doug Bolling, variation 32 FLASH Ben Morris, Taking the Bait Luke Wortley, Ontology of Fatherhood Madeline Anthes, Tell Me I’m Different Kim Magowan, Keys † Jeff H., Creativity School Jennifer Todhunter, The Menstrual Cycle of a Grieving Woman Beth Bilderback, Boyfriends for Masochists Eleanor Levine, David Bowie and the Space Motorbike Jennifer L. Hollis, While the iPhone was in Rice † Abbigail Yost, Recurring & How to Break a Heart † Samuel Lieb, Thunder in … chop! chop! read more!