Issue 22 • Cleaver Magazine
Fresh-Cut Lit & More Issue No. 22 • SUMMER 2018 INTERMEDIA Francesco Levato, Active Conflict Zones GRAPHIC NARRATIVE Emily Steinberg, Paused POETRY †Elaine Cannell, the second motion †Natalie Kawam, To Each Her Own Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Late Night Thoughts Hussain Ahmed, Execution Cait Weiss Orcutt, Those Striking Shades I :: The Magician William Wells, The Relic Room Levi Andalou, [A blocked valve facilitates prayer.] Simon Perchik, [It has nothing to do with the banjo] †Jake Montgomery, The High Road to Tiffin Mary Lou Buschi, Chorus FLASH Hedia Anvar, Disconnected Christina Sun, I Am Not Jeremy Lin Jacqueline Gabbitas, The Bone Plate †Joshua Wetjen, Numbers Erin Blue Burke, The Body That Ensures Survival †David Nolan, Coop †Ron Riekki, Destin †Mariah Gese, The Cat Apocalypse †Erin Pienaar, Ladies’ Night Jennifer Solheim, The August Temples Cathy Ulrich, Being the Murdered Actress †Lynn Oseguera, Barren SHORT STORIES Nick Kolakowski, A History of Washington, D.C. in Nine Scenes †Laura Moretz, The Fall Zone Sarah Bradley, Cheshire … chop! chop! read more!