Issue 21 • Cleaver Magazine
Fresh-Cut Lit & More Issue No. 21 • spring 2018 INTERMEDIA Nance Van Winckel, The Brownies at Work POETRY Lee Sennish, Divorce & Calliope Come Back Mars Hu, What Matters is Our Hands Julia Leverone, Sunspots † Stuti Pachisia, Mixed Medium Art Davy Knittle, gravy strain Martha Zweig, Undersong Robert Lietz, Patches, from Variable Cycles Roy Bentley, Train for Glory Nandini Dhar, Morality Play John Sibley Williams, The Children † Nicole Burney, The Day After Brahma Opened One Eye Daryl Sznyter, The Morning After Another Coming-of-Age Film Cliff Saunders, Colonizing the World Matt Muth, 1968 Mary Crow, Suddenly FLASH Jessica Lampard, Vacationing After the Divorce Jules Archer, Pulp † Ploi Pirapokin, Filter Feeding † Nikki Stavile, Misveneration of the Saint of Lost Things Claire Stamler-Goody, Teeth A.E. Weisgerber, Shaft † Youssef Helmi, Reflecting Taylor Lorenzo, How to Climb the Rope in Gym Class & Broken Apology Joseph Bathanti, Blue Boy Jonathan Cardew, Senescence Susan G. Bouchard, Splinter SHORT STORIES † Avery … chop! chop! read more!