Issue 18 • Cleaver Magazine
Summer 2017 Issue No. 18 A quarterly magazine of original works by artists & writers* Art! Deft Perception Works of Porcelain and Paper, Plausibility and Pause by Hannah Thompsett Poetry! Gary Lundy, as if it actually looked that blue. • Walter Bargen, Mare Tranquillitatis Simon Perchik, [Its shadow is helpless here] • Max Sheppard, Black Chameleon, Orange Dog, Yellow Lightning Sean Flood, Aloha Valerie Fox, November Nightmare J. C. Todd, The day a little gloomy, sky E. Kristin Anderson, You’re Always In My Hair • Martha McCollough, Jerome in the Wilderness • mud howard, Clearing • Merridawn Duckler, The Spectrum • Dylan Krieger, bottom feeder • Shinjini Bhattacharjee, Beginning • Tina Barr, Green Short Stories! Claire Rudy Foster, The Surfer † Julia Gourary, Collateral Damage R.M. Fradkin, IKEA Man Emily Livingstone, The Townspeople Flash! Joshua Jones, The Catalog People of 1978 Kristin Bonilla, For Every Town a Witch Anna Keeler, In the Arms of an Electric Eel Hillary Leftwich, Wild Hares †Alex Eaker, When … chop! chop! read more!