Issue 17 • Cleaver Magazine
Spring(s) & Other Resistance Products* Issue No. 17 A quarterly magazine of original works by artists & writers* Art! America Unspoken Paintings by Tina Blondell Poetry! Michele Leavitt, Wood Lot in April Preston Eagan, essay on taking too much Advil PM • Marcia Roberts, Pipe Lilies Pop Up After Rain & Hannah Finds a Lime in Our Yard Jeanne Murray Walker, Letter to a Poet Flower Conroy, How is a Tree Like a Snake Like a Heart & Have you ever awoken in a dew-soaked field • Elizabeth Morton, On Hold: †Madeleine Wattenbarger, Future Ecologies • Tyler Gillespie, Florida Man • †Jeevika Verma, dark, darker Katy Kim, August VIII Emily Paige Wilson, Cartography • Peter Grandbois, Unfinished • †Kristen Brida, Describe to me your initial reaction when you got here C. Wade Bentley, Tiger-Boy Brenda Butka, April. Taylor Hollow • †Sean Flood, Hydroquinone Short Stories! J.T. Townley, A Whole New Ballgame Sarah Sarai, With “Y” as an Absence of Pain Taylor Kobran, … chop! chop! read more!