Issue 13 • Cleaver Magazine
Curious about how we thwack? Check out this interview in The Pennsylvania Gazette. ♣ Lucky Issue No. 13 ♣ March 2016 Book Reviews • Craft Essays and a quarterly magazine of original works by artists & writers* Graphic Narrative! Kelly McQuain, The Empathy Machine, Part II A Visual Essay on the Purpose of Art-Making Art! Miriam Carpenter, A Presence in Wood Wood Sculpture Interview! Ranen Omer-Sherman, A Conversation with Tahneer Oksman author of How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses Short Stories! Jen Knox, The Living Museum †Kristen Herbert, Mouettes Michael Melgaard, When Things Wear Away Other Things Maria Pinto, Granny and the Bonehead Squad †Emanuel Melo, Tiago Willie Davis, Last Words Poetry! Tina Barr, Pot of Gold Joe Nicholas, from The Beauty of Admission Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Miss Darlene’s Dancing School †Erika Dane Kielsgard, The Scorpion †Aaron Graham, Gethsemane †Odelia Fried, Prophet Eric E. Hyett, Notes on Poem for My Brother Michael Kern, The Gas Station by Edward Hopper … chop! chop! read more!