Issue 12 • Cleaver Magazine
Issue No. 12 ⋅ Our Wintry Mix ⋅ 2015/16 A quarterly magazine of original works by artists & writers* Art! Michelle Doll, Works on Love Oil on Canvas & Board †Laurel Hooker, Why Draw Trees? Works on Paper Short Stories! Alexia Underwood, Two Doormen Aimee LaBrie, The Disabled Jen Julian, We Are Meant For Greater Things Marie Manilla, Belle Fleur Douglas J. Ogurek, A Different Kind of Sled †Nigar Alam, More Than A Pause Donald Quist, Takeaway Nels Hanson, Talent Show †Grace Singh Smith, The Very Diverting History of Maya Kevin Tosca, Keys Mark Brazaitis, Tornado Poetry! Carla Drysdale, 5 a.m. Cal Freeman, Epistle to the Cops on a Wintry Night †Teniola Tonade, To the Haughty Visualist Larry Eby, Thundersnow Robert Lietz, Modalities Franklin K. R. Cline, Domicile †Samuel Hovda, Angel of the Meridian Michelle Lin, Trichotillomania †Eliza Callard, Shadows Emily Anne Hopkins, Taxidermy for Troubled Boys Roy Bentley, And Blood on the Tracks in the Tape Player †Lena Popkin, Pinto los Flores Para Que No … chop! chop! read more!