BOUNTY HUNTING by Karen Levy • Cleaver Magazine
BOUNTY HUNTING by Karen Levy They pulled up behind the others who’d just arrived and were piling out of their car, laughing. That was a long drive. Together, they walked toward the house. They all laughed except for her; she was very angry at her brother-in-law. There was a fishing boat out front. A sign led them away from the front door, to a backyard office, where a sunburnt man waved them in. Joe, he said. Nice tan, Joe, someone said and the others laughed. From fishin’, he said. He was a big man but he said it light and breezy. She thought he looked like a cop. She’d heard that her brother-in-law had been caught by undercover cops. Everyone laughed. They barely fit into the office; there were eight of them, all related through blood or marriage.