BIRDS / NERVES by Max Bartlett • Cleaver Magazine
BIRDS / NERVES by Max Bartlett There’s this bird. It’s nighttime, and there’s this bird. And he’s flying, and who knows how long he’s been flying, because that’s not what’s important. The thing is there’s this house. Everything outside the house is dark, and the house is warm and bright. And there’s a window openSo he flies in. You would too, don’t pretend you wouldn’t. But he can’t stop, he has to keep on flying. Across the room there’s another window open, and it’s dark outside. That’s it. Dark before, dark after. A few seconds of light and sound and heat and after that it’s back to nothing. He keeps flying. No choice. He passes through the other window. 29. She’s in a downtown café with her mother. Not that you can tell, from the outside. She looks like the older woman. Back hunched with scoliosis, left leg folded … chop! chop! read more!