ASK JUNE: The Snarky Scale-Salesman and the Rowdy Gym Rats • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, So my boyfriend and I go to the home-improvement store to buy a scale and I go to the nearest help kiosk or whatever you call it and ask one of the sales associates for advice. Specifically, I am wondering how reliable the various digital scales are because mine totally lost its accuracy after a year, even when I changed the battery. The associate, a guy maybe 18 or 19, says “Are you sure the problem’s with the scale?” Then—my boyfriend denies this, but I saw it—the guy looks over at my boyfriend and sort of rolls his eyes at him, man to man. I say, “Thanks, that’s helpful,” and march out of the store, my boyfriend hurrying after me. My boyfriend tells me that it was stupid of me to storm out like that. He says that the kid was just trying to make a joke, and … chop! chop! read more!