ASK JUNE: The Pious Possible-Partner and the Astrologically Unsuitable Suitor • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, I met a smart, handsome man at an art opening last week. “Theo” and I ended up talking for the whole two-hour reception, then went out for coffee and closed down the place. He asked me out to dinner on Saturday and it was lovely. We like the same music and art and movies, have a similar sense of humor, care about the same issues, and vote the same way on them. Icing on the cake: he does fascinating work and makes a ton of money doing it. The problem—which begs the question, since I am about to ask you whether it actually is a problem—is that Theo turns out to be deeply religious. I am an atheist. Now I am not sure he is even third-date material. Do you think we have a chance? —Skeptic in Schenectady (I’m not really in Schenectady, but I like the way that sounds.)