ASK JUNE: The Persnickety Teatotaler and the Wrongs of Mr. Wright • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, This is the most minor of problems, but to me it is a recurring annoyance. My topic is tea! I am a tea drinker, and nobody in this coffee- and now beer-obsessed country seems to know anything about it. The “better” restaurants and cafes are the worst. The greasy spoons and fast-food places may only offer two kinds of not-so-great tea—regular and decaf—but at least those are real, unflavored black teas, not some mixture of herbs without any tea in it at all, or some flavored tea like Earl Grey. This has been my recurring scenario: I ask for tea and the they either recite a long list, or bring me a big box, full of flavored and non-tea teas. When I ask for just regular black tea, they point to the spiced Chai or to the Earl Grey, which, as I am sure you know, is flavored … chop! chop! read more!