ASK JUNE: The Mercenary Bard and the Concupiscent Compadre • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, I teach English at a public high school, where I am the advisor to the writing club. For a few years, including during the summer, I have also been meeting informally every week or so with a group of the most motivated current and former club members to write for a couple of hours. I have been available to read their work, brainstorm ideas, critique, etc., all pro bono. I love their enthusiasm and imagination, and am pleased to have played a small role in their creative development. Recently, to my delight, one of my former students, who is now in college, has achieved national recognition for his poetry and has a contract with a small press. A local library, knowing about my connection with the student, asked me to invite him to read. I included a few other talented students as well. The student requested an honorarium, … chop! chop! read more!