Ask June: The Lonely Widow and the Boyfriend Who Hates Cats • Cleaver Magazine
Dear June, Last year my husband died after a long illness. About a week before Carl died my closest friend, “Hepzibah” (ugliest pseudonym I could think of), who has known both of us for over twenty years, decided that she had to tell me how she and my husband had had a “torrid but short-lived” affair about seven years earlier. “Short-lived,” it turns out, means five months, and probably the second-worst five months of my life, when I was having painful cancer treatments and had no idea how things would turn out. I told Hepzibah, among other things, that she’d picked a hell of a time to tell me. She replied that it was just like me to pounce on irrelevancies. She never actually expressed any remorse or even regret over the affair during this conversation, just said that she thought it was important to clear the air – not the greatest way to put it while my husband was slowly drowning from COPD and gasping for breath. Anyway, I was not about to mention the issue to him since he was, you know, dying.